Meanwhile in Portland…

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I have yet to actually present this blog to anyone. Really only my cat has viewed it and from what I can tell she doesn’t seem that impressed. Then again she eats Trader Joe’s “Tuna for Cats” every day. She’s probably holding a small grudge.

This past Monday Filipp had a job shooting for local designer, Jonathan Woodman. You can read about his line, JINN, here: Anyway, Jonathan has some really great stuff for the “relentless and unyielding.” Oh yes, that’s Fil and I. 🙂

Jonathan had posted a request for a photographer on craigstlist and, after many responses, asked Fil to do some work. He’s created these beautiful multi-wear bags, triple stitched, waxed, and what not, and is ready to present them. After a good three or four hours, some Baileys, and Murder Inc. throwbacks, Fil and Jonathan had some great shots! I was there to 1) pick a bag as a trade for Fil’s hard work and 2) blab while the others focused on the perfect lighting.

So, that was our Monday night!

This past week went pretty fast. I worked at the Cabot Annex on Tuesday and had a wonderful time with my manager Sue and coworker Bridget. Honestly, I love working there. It’s so warm, it’s in Old Port, and because I am only a month-old Mainer, I still think tourists are fun.

My film class is coming along fairly well. I’ve realized the students hate my PowerPoints, unless I use examples from the Dark Knight or the Dark Knight Rises, so we tend to stick with discussing their scenes and camera work. I did show the Kill Bill Vol. 2 training scene, which got a decent reaction, though every single one of them asked who Tarantino was. I’m guessing Pulp Fiction is out of the question.

The middle school students really love the old stuff. They get very giddy when I show Méliès and several asked if they could make silent films. Uhhhh, YES!

Today the high school kids started editing a montage we shot for the past three weeks. Although I asked them repeatedly to detach and delete the audio, a few of the boys enjoyed playing my camera directions and “ACTIONs!” over and over.

Well, Fil’s parents are visiting this weekend and will be here tomorrow night. Our apartment needs some TLC!

Much Love,


This blew their minds!


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  1. Louanna Emerick

    I have been thinking and praying for your family and I have been in contact with your Mom. I know you are a strong person and that you will get through this. One of my first thoughts when I read your Mom’s post was of you and how you just moved North. Danielle had a lot of the same doubts when I went through the last cancer with her living in Miami and she could not be there with me. You have a wonderful idea and it suits you just right….I will be following your blog and continuing to support you all with prayer…love Louanna Emerick.💓

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