Your Hair

Well, it’s coming. The day you cut your hair or as you put it, “get it chopped off.” I like that better.  Chopping; it’s got more “oomph!” Are you worried? Are you scared? Insecure? Humiliated? Maybe so. But more than those mere feelings, because that’s what they are-feelings. Feelings come and go easily. More than any of that you’re beautiful and you’re strong, and beauty and strength cannot be cut. They don’t fall out. They don’t gray. Your beauty and strength are permanent features like birthmarks. You were born with it.

You weren’t born, however, with hair. And, as told many a times by our mother, grandmother, and aunt, you were bald for quite some time as a child. So you know what? I don’t want you to think of it as “losing your hair.” Think of it as growing up again. You’re starting from scratch. Let’s say that every strand of hair was part of a different you. There is nothing wrong with that you, but maybe one strand of hair represents an old grudge or-or a heartache. Maybe a fight, a credit card-whatever. And when all those strands are gone you can take a deep, long breath. I want you to let yourself breathe in a fresh start. Stand outside on your mountain, when Paige is asleep, when the dogs are lying down, when it’s just you and Chad, and let yourself breathe in that mountain air. The way I see it, you’re losing your hair with the leaves. And when this winter is over you are going to be one gorgeous spring.

I googled “a woman’s hair” earlier today and couldn’t help but laugh at the outcome. For instance, the folks at Jesus Talk had an entire forum on why Godly women do not cut their hair. Guess you’re going to hell, sister. But, you know what they say, “Heaven for the climate, hell for the company. wanted us to know that men can discover everything they need to know about us through our hair. I sure tricked Fil with that one. And, interestingly enough, if you want to look as chic as a French woman, stop washing your hair.

Blown away by the internet and the progress it offers us? Me too.

What none of these sites seem to recognize is that a woman’s hair can show , on a shallow, surface level, her identity, yet doesn’t exactly offer any insight into her mind or soul. For instance, did you know that Goldie Hawn, the quintessential dumb blond, attended American University? Okay, she dropped out to be an actress, but she WAS accepted. What I am trying to prove is that a woman’s hair, considered such a telling feature, really says nothing.

In fact, I am quite tired of being noticed for my blond locks. I’m tired of being a walking blond joke, tired of being referred to as “blondie” by bartenders, tired of the Norwegian ancestry assumptions! Yes, I am of Norwegian decent, but you don’t KNOW that JUST from my HAIR!

Instead, as Liza Minnelli, Broadway bob pioneer, would say, I want to look “strange and extraordinary” like Louise Brooks…

Louise Brooks detail ggbain.32453u.jpg

I want to look classic like Liz Taylor…


BOLD like Nina Simone…


And sexy like Marilyn…


So, what’d ya say, sister? Let’s chop it off! Let’s show off, let’s buy big earrings, let’s wear fantastic hats designed to be worn by fantastic women! Short haired women can always wear wigs, we can always wear scarfs, we can always wear red lipstick!

This coming Monday at 4:00 I will be chopping off my hair for you! We’ll regrow together! Ah, a fresh start!

Much love,





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2 responses to “Your Hair

  1. Jamie

    Liv, I never met you, but I knew your mom life-times ago–Before you or my own daughters were even a blip on life’s radar. I started reading your blog because your mom posted it on her Facebook. Now I read it because you have a dead-on handle on what it’s like to be a young woman who is part of a Family with a capital F. I’ve written some stuff, long ago sent off to page 10 on a Google search. You have a wonderful voice. I look forward to following your blog and watching you grow as a very talented and insightful writer. Keep writing–no matter what!

  2. Jamie-Thank you so much. It means a lot to hear I am doing the right thing! It’s hard to put my words out there, but I am glad you are enjoying it! Thank you!!

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