New ‘do for you, sis

My new 'do for you, sis

My new ‘do for you, sis

This past Monday Abby and I had our hair chopped. I will be donating mine to Locks of Love. This weekend, during her visit, Abby will get a personal photo shoot with Filipp to debut her new ‘do! Yo, yo! Will keep you posted, readers! Much love, Liv



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6 responses to “New ‘do for you, sis

  1. Love your new do, Olivia. You are such a special and supportive sister, not to mention an inspiration for other survivors and their families. Love to read your blog…I remember thinking while I watched you during your oratorical speech that you would use your gift for greatness and thought you would become famous someday with that same talent.

  2. Patty

    O….you look fabulous!

  3. Sue Slocum Llewellyn

    While getting ready for our (your mother and mine) class reunion, I have been looking at the old yearbooks and to say that you resemble your mother is a gross understatement! You are both beautiful women, inside and out!
    The support you have shown your sister is awesome! Trust me, I know from experience that all sisters are not like you. My husband’s sister went through leukemia and her 3 sisters never showed 1/10th of the support you have shown Abby so far. You are a blessing to your family and an example to everyone else what a loving, supporting and caring sister should be. 🙂

  4. Thank you, Sue! You’re very sweet.

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