First visit to Pittsburgh

Yesterday Abby visited Magee Womens Hospital with her support team! After a review of her charts, tests, and some waiting the doctors decided that she will need chemo to shrink the tumor in her breast. My sister will undergo six sessions in an 18 week period. Once the treatment is complete they will decide what is the best option for surgery.

During her chemotherapy my sister will have the BRCA test to find if she carries the gene because my mother also fought and beat breast cancer at a fairly young age. If she tests positive then the rest of the women including myself, my mother, cousin Heidi, Aunt Linda, and Paige will each be tested as well.

Your prayers and well wishes are so appreciated! My sister is one tough chick and she will get through this, but there is nothing like support from friends and strangers to help along the way.

The other morning Paige burst into the bathroom wearing her stethoscope and carrying her first aid kit. She tested Mommy’s blood pressure and heart and concluded that Mommy is simply suffering from “Frog in Da Phroat” syndrome. We are happy to know that because of medical advancements the doctors will simply “Take da frog out, mommy.”

Much love,


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