Two more to go! 1/8/14

Fourth chemo treatment

Fourth chemo treatment

Yesterday Abby had her fourth chemo treatment! Only two more to go, folks! The doctors are pretty impressed with how well she is doing! Here’s to my strong sister and all of the good vibes from you!

On February 6th Abby will have the BRCA test to know whether or not the breast cancer is genetic. If this comes back positive in two weeks then she will indeed have a bilateral mastectomy, to which my sister says, “They are just boobs. I’d rather be here longer.” Mom and I will then have the test as well. If the test is negative, she will have the left breast removed along with tissue from under her arm where the lymph nodes were involved. Once she has healed, Abby will undergo radiation on the left side to ensure the cancer does not come back.

Though we’ve all been prepared for this, the hurt always returns to remind us to keep praying and keep loving.  Thank you all so much for every prayer, warm wishes, and love.

At Paige's 3rd Birthday party! Jake and the Neverland Priates

At Paige’s 3rd Birthday party! Jake and the Neverland Priates

I’ve found I am no longer angry at my sister’s cancer. There’s no time to brood over it. We don’t give it the attention it craves. We laugh, make fun of it, and will continue to kick that cancer’s ass until it leaves!

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