Welcome, I’m Olivia!

I am a writer living and working in Portland, ME. My sister, my best friend, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. So, being unable to hug her every day, I decided to write for her. Now when she isn’t busy kicking cancer’s ass and chasing after my two-year-old niece, she’ll have something to keep her entertained.

16 responses to “Welcome, I’m Olivia!

  1. Brandi Link

    Youre amazing wonderful creative and missed. Keep it going. We cry your tears, feel your emotion and embrace your love. Go Liv go. ♡~B

  2. Kay


    YOU are a treasure and your wonderful, fabulous sis can feel the love you are sending to her. Do not feel guilty. I feel sure you are exactly where you are supposed to be and where Abby wants you to be.

    My sister, my only sibling has metastatic breast cancer. I am only two hours away from her, but feel just as you do…..angry, questioning, helpless.

    I think our job is to be strong and carry on. We are both blessed to have sisters that are fighters. Mine inspires me daily.

    Keep doing what you are doing. It is helping Abby to be strong and fight and win. And………you are helping me too.

    Love and BIG hugs to you, Great Auntie kay

  3. Sandy

    This is amazing. Everything you wrote made me want to cry, sad tears, happy tears that you are doing this for Abby. Even though we move far from our sisters, they are always in our hearts and they know how much we care and love them and we are always there for them!!! This is a wonderful thing you are doing here. It shows great courage for you to do this.
    Your Cousin, Sandy

  4. Sue Slocum Llewellyn

    You are a gem! (and not just saying that because I am friends with your mother)
    I went through 2 years of helping my sister in law fight her battle with ACL (leukemia) several years ago, and the one thing that helped her was knowing all the support and well wishes that were coming her way from everyone. As a sister, you can provide that support from the same room or from 10 hours away. Abby will know, she will feel it in her heart!
    Blessing on you and your new home as you embark on the next stage of your life.
    Sue (one of the DCL girls)

  5. momma

    Liverina ~ I love you more than words can say and I am so, so very proud to have been chosen to be your momma. I remember after my breast cancer surgery and breaking down after I removed the bandages. You were 12 years old, sat right down on the side of the tub beside me, put your little arm around my shoulder and said “Momma, it doesn’t matter if you have a scar. You didn’t want to be a porn star any way!” You keep writing sweetie. Write for Abby. She’s always been the tough one, but this time she’s going to need your strength, your humor, your support, and above all your unconditional love. I love you and I miss you terribly, but I’m so happy you’re living your dream. Don’t feel guilty. Feel blessed. Love momma

  6. Stefanie

    It has been so long since we have talked or seen one another but I think of you from time to time and wonder how you are doing. I saw this blog posted on your mom’s Facebook page and couldn’t help but to read it. I heard about your sister’s diagnosis and I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through. I read the blog and absolutely loved it! I think it is an amazing idea to help your sister through this experience with your writing. I especially loved that you wrote this blog is for anyone that may be having a hard time as well. Recently, some changes have happened in my life that have been very difficult to deal with. I won’t get into details, but life as I know it and quite possibly my future has changed very drastically for me and I have been having a hard time. I know it may sound strange, but reading this blog put a smile on my face and made me feel just a little bit better, at least for a brief moment. I can’t help but feel that though this is intended to help Abby, it also written to help people like me. Thank you so much and I will continue to read about your adventures. I am praying for you and the family that Abby makes a full recovery to enjoy every moment with that precious Paige!

    • Stef,
      I am so glad you read the posts. I think about you and the girls all the time and can’t help but smile at all the silly things we did. I hope everything gets better for you. I know it will. It just takes time. Give me a call around Christmas! xoxo

  7. Kinsey

    Of course I cried as soon as I clicked on the link to your blog and found out what it was…typical. You are the most amazing cousin I could ever have been blessed with and honestly, you are more of a sister to me because you are my biggest inspiration to follow my heart and do what I love. I am so proud of you for starting this for Ab, I can only imagine how you feel. We are all praying and we both know she wont go an inch down without a good ass-kicking to cancer! I am so proud of you! Only a mind as beautiful and creative as yours would think of such a great way to entertain Ab and keep you from worrying too much–don’t be nervous. haha. (tried to make you giggle just a tad). I love you more than you could ever understand or imagine and same with Ab! I know this is hard, but I cant even imagine how you’re feeling but you know i’m here if you ever need me! Praying for you and Ab, and you know how I am about church..again, I love you, I miss you, and I am so proud of you

    Kins ❤

  8. Dawn Gunn

    Olivia, thank you for using your gift to help us all support Abby! We love all of you so very much. Abby will kick A_ _ ! We will WIN! And you my love are going to chronicle the journey, thank you! Love Aunt Dawnie

  9. Thank you, Aunt Dawnie! Love you!

  10. I’m wishing your sister all the best!!

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